How Green is Wood Castle?

In the furniture manufacturing industry, it isn’t easy to be green. Shamefully, green manufacturing is not a requirement - or even a standard. Despite this, Wood Castle has always gone to great lengths, jumping through [...]

5 Points Construction

The quality of Wood Castle furniture is made evident by our 5 points of construction. Hardwood: Quality for life. Nothing beats hardwoods, such as cherry, maple and walnut, for workability, beauty and durability. Their long [...]

Drawer story

Wood Castle’s manufacturing philosophy focuses on details. Nowhere are details more important than in the construction of our drawers. Drawers do the “heavy lifting”, as daily they’re pulled and pushed, filled and emptied. Since we [...]


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New Sawmill and Kiln Means New & Exciting Direction for Wood Castle Furniture

If you walk around the Wood Castle property these days, you will notice a fresh-cut wood aroma. That’s because the company has expanded with the introduction of wood processing. The groundbreaking for a new sawmill [...]

Music Wood : Figured Maple

Among the most highly prized wood species in the world are those that are chosen for musical instruments. Figured maple is one of the most sought after wood for instruments, such as guitars and violins. [...]